The A to Z of Chelsea: Where Were You When We Were Shocking?

The A to Z of Chelsea "Where Were You When We Were Shocking?' is a selection of Neil Smith's memories from just a few of the now (July 2018) in excess of 2000 Chelsea matches he has attended. It is also a look back at some of the occurrences he witnessed that in some way shaped his life. Neil's first game was at Stamford Bridge in 1966 when Chelsea beat West Ham 6-2 on April 9th when he attended with his older brother Martin. When he home after that game, he wrote some words about the day and it was the start of a habit that, as he older, became a diary. The title of Neil's book is in no way a 'slight' on the glorious Chelsea Football Club. Indeed, like many others of his ilk, Chelsea have always been the best football club in the world with the book's name simply reflecting the fact that they weren't as successful back then as they have been since around 1997. While there are plenty of books about matches played, individual players and managers and of course the historical aspect of Chelsea FC, 'Where Were You When We Were Shocking?' gives a unique perspective of following the side from one of the club's most loyal supporters. 'Thoughtful, funny, away-day reminiscences on days spent supporting the Blues, and how the less important things in life very nearly get in the way.’ Rick Glanvill Official historian Chelsea FC

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The A to Z of Chelsea: Where Were You When We Were Shocking?

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