N 13: Lined Notebook Journal (6*9) 110 pages (sport notebook)

NBL "Americain Football" notebook Inside, there is room for writing notes, tacks, and ideas.This paperback notebook is 6.0" x 9.0" and has 100 whites pages with lines.Perfect gift idea for everyone.This Bullet Journal is perfect for:Follow your activies Manage your new activities Take notes for your wish list, your important ideas or simply your current thoughtFan of americain football this notebook is for you

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İngilizce J B Boon J Saosa Icon Group International 18,9 x 0,3 x 24,6 cm 15,2 x 0,7 x 22,9 cm J B SBoon 20,3 x 0,6 x 25,4 cm 21,6 x 0,6 x 27,9 cm 18,9 x 0,2 x 24,6 cm Additional Contributors Emily Grace 15,2 x 0,6 x 22,9 cm

N 13: Lined Notebook Journal (6*9) 110 pages (sport notebook)

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Yazar salhi Ayoub
Isbn 13 979-8712608034
Yayımcı Independently published
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Tarafından yayınlandı 22 Şubat 2021

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